Who We Are

In July 2016, Paul created the Boys2Men Youth workshop day, to empower and target young black men in the Church and the community. The day programme was birthed, due to the ongoing social issues within the south London area in relation to youth violence. We covered four key areas of young people’s personal development through a series of workshops.

Sex & Relationships
Gang culture

This holistic programme was a great success with over 50 young men and adults attending. Information from the evaluation form highlighted that the young people found the programme relevant and inspired them to understand who they are as black boys. Boys2men Ministry then launched a knife crime church tour in 2017-2019, which focused on educating young people and parents about issues around knife crime. The speakers on the tour were Dr Mark Prince OBE, from the Kiyan Prince Foundation and Yvonne Lawson Godwin MBE, from the Lawson Foundation.

Both speakers shared their experiences of losing their sons to knife crime. This tour was a first of its kind in churches in London. The successes of the tour led to Boys2men delivering knife crime workshops all around in England, in local community centres and churches for the last few years.


Paul comes from a humble Ghanaian working class family, brought up in the heart of Hackney. He grew up on a council estate, where he witnessed the effect of a lack of positive role models, he saw many of his friends make poor life changing decisions and end up in the prison system. Paul credits his strength in character to his parents, who emphasised the importance of education and strong Christian values. He saw the benefits of this philosophy and started to share this with his friends. He started his mentoring scheme at age 22, to help the young black boys in his local church. He would guide and motivate them to achieve their personal success.

After finishing his music and media degree in 2005, Paul then went on to become a full-time mentor in 2006. He worked in the largest secondary school in Hackney and was quickly promoted to the Deputy Head of Year. In this role he developed various group work programmes for underachieving students, these focused on achievement and personal life skills.


The impact of his work left a lasting legacy on the young people who participated in these interventions, many of which went on to achieve great things in their life.

Paul’s passion to help young people led him to completing his Masters in Youth and Community work in 2015. Paul then went on to work for Brent Youth Offending team and has done so for the few years.  Paul is now directly working with the most high-risk young people in the borough of Brent, where he specialises in gang intervention, Child exploitation, running community events, safeguarding work, parenting programmes, running school workshops crime and county lines.

Paul has now worked in the youth sector for over 18 years. Paul’s main purpose is to plant seeds of inspiration into young people in the hope they will see their potential as transition into adulthood. Paul is a sought out public speaker, preacher, group work facilitator, trainer, mentor and teacher where he is currently delivering his work in schools, churches and community centres.

Mission & Value

The mission of Boys2men workshops is to inspire and empower young people to achieve their full potential. The key to fulfilling this mission is to educate our young people through a series a life changing workshops. Our programmes are designed to address the holistic areas of our young people’s personal development.

We nurture, guide and mentor young people to unlock their personal talents to the world. We inspire young people to look beyond the challenges they may face to achieving their goals. We hope to inspire young boys to become great men in our society.

Our Values

  • Building leaders for the future
  • Building integrity and positive values
  • Believing in yourself and your potential

School assemblies and Workshops

  • We deliver Educational assembles and workshops around knife crime, gangs, team building, goal setting, resilience, peer pressure, leadership, mental health, entrepreneurship, Identity and employability
  • We cover special workshops for parents around knife crime, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), gangs, County Lines.
  • We do mix sessions with girls and boys

Personal development programme

Boys2men workshops offers an 8-week Personal Development programme for teenagers from ages of 11-18. The holistic programme is focused on eight key sessions, which cover:

  • Leadership
  • Identity
  • Manhood
  • Goals
  • Money management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional Health
  • Healthy relationship

The main learning outcome of this programme is to prepare our young men for the adult world. The programme will develop their personal skills in areas such as communication, self-esteem, teamwork and managing their emotions. The result of this programme has led to teenagers from marginalised backgrounds being able to achieve well in their education and have a greater knowledge of their identity and purpose.

Knife Crime Programme

Boys2men workshop’s offers an 8-week Knife Crime Awareness programme where we educate young people about the risk, dangers and consequences of carrying weapons. The programme is broken down into eight sessions,

  • Why carry knifes
  • Impact of knife crime
  • Victim awareness
  • Conflict resolution
  • Consequences of knife crime
  • The law
  • Friendship
  • Exit session

Upon completing the programme the young people will have the skills to consider the influences of their friendship group, knowing their self-worth, empowering them to make positive choices and resolving conflict without the use of violence.

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